Cool Bags

Below you can find our selection and reviews on the best coolest retro bags of this year! All these bags are available to order from Kapow Gifts

Stylish Sports Bags

Bang Tidy Celebrity Juice Sports Bag

24148AA 150x150 Cool Bags

This black stylish sports bag features the hosts from the top tv show Celebrity Juice and the catchphrase Bang Tidy in large letters on the front. It has an adjustable strap and various zipped compartments.

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Dick Dastardly and Muttley Sports Bag

24567A 150x150 Cool BagsAn officially licensed Wacky Races themed bag featuring the hit characters Dastardly and Muttley from the television show Wacky Races. Features a large diagonal zipped pouch as well as an adjustable strap and various inside pockets.

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The Mighty Boosh Face Retro Sports Bag

24571A 1 150x150 Cool Bags This colourful bag features a small zipped pocket where the Boosh face mouth is, as well as an adjustable strap and various inside pockets.

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Super Satchel Bags

Funky Taz Satchel Bag

24562AA 150x150 Cool BagsA stylised cartoon face of the popular cartoon character Taz from tv show Looney Tunes. Perfect for carrying books, laptops or folders for school, college and university!

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Count Duckula Character Bag

24184AA 150x150 Cool BagsThis blank and green satchel bag features the Count Duckula character from the television show Count Duckula. The contrasting colour helps the iconic character stand out.

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The Goonies Silhouette Character Messenger Bag

23886A 150x150 Cool Bags This fabric messenger bag features silhouetted characters from the classic film The Goonies along with The Goonies logo.

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Funky Flight Bags

Zippy Rainbow Orange Flight Bag

24074A 150x150 Cool Bags

Featuring a large stitched shape of Zippy from 1970′s television show Rainbow, this orange fuzzy fabric bag stands out in a crowd. Plus Zippy’s mouth is an actual zip to a compartment!

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Hong Kong Phooey  Number 1 Super Guy Flight Bag

24078A 150x150 Cool Bags

This Super Flight Bag has the televisions Hanna Barbera Character Hong Kong Phooey using one of his Kung-fu moves. With a large front zipped pouch and plenty of room this bag is ideal for School, College and University.

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Overnight Bags

ZX Spectrum Overnight Bag

24171A 150x150 Cool BagsThis retro styled bag depicts an image of the keys from the 1980′s Sinclair Zx Spectrum, which was the mainsteam home computer of the 80′s and early 90′s. This bag is big enough to hold clothing for holidays or weekends away.

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Hannah Barbera Character Collection Overnight Bag

22148A 150x150 Cool BagsA white bag perfect for sleepovers and slumber parties. It pictures many of the classic Hanna Barbera such as Muttley, Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear, Top Car and Captain Caveman to name just a couple. How many can you name?

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