Cool T-shirts

Nobody wants clothes for Christmas or Birthday… until now! These cool stylish t-shirts from Vitamin-T have officially licensed high quality transfers from iconic retro television shows. These are the only officially licensed shirts on the market!

Each of these Tshirts also comes with a keyring of the same design, making this giftset an excellent gift for all shapes and sizes!

Below you can see our favourites: Tweety Bird, Muttley “He He He”, “I’m Very Angry” Marvin the Martian, Elmer Fudd “Say Hewo to my Wittle Fwend”, Wacky Races Logo, Thundercats Logo, The Goonies Logo, “Deshphicable” Daffy Duck Tshirt and “No1 Super Guy” Hong Kong Phooey Tshirt.

All these t-shirts and more are available from Kapow Gifts



20690 TweetyLADIES1 150x150 Cool T shirts 20695 muttley teeMENS mint1 150x150 Cool T shirts 20706 marvin teeMENS 150x150 Cool T shirts 20691 elmer teeMENS 150x150 Cool T shirts 20697 Wacky RacesMENS 150x150 Cool T shirts 20701 ThundercatsMENS 150x150 Cool T shirts  20707 goonies teeMENS 150x150 Cool T shirts 20709 DaffyMENS 150x150 Cool T shirts 20699 phooey teeMENS 150x150 Cool T shirts